Case Studies

» Dive Shops

Bali Scuba was founded in 2000 by two Indonesian SCUBA Instructors with years of experience in diving industry especially in Bali; initially their marketing efforts still employed traditional methods like through overseas travel agent and partnership with other dive shops. [Read more ...]

» Alumni Database

Started as two small web sites to collect and share email of alumni of St. Aloysius High School, Bandung and Trisakti University, Jakarta, now both of them have evolved into interactive web sites manage more than 3000 alumni records. Back to the year of 1997 when these web sites were implementing only client-side JavaScript and HTML, since the record kept in the system were less than 100 alumni. As Internet grows and reach more people, there were a lot of new alumni aware about these web sites. Beside that, both of the web sites were listed in Yahoo Directory which also affected the traffic, and then the system dealt with up to 500 alumni records. [Read more ...]

» Dog Kennel

Having been in dobermann breeding business for more than 10 years, Von Liphier Dobermann Kennel previously still used the old traditional way of marketing like advertisement in magazine, poster on dog shows, and mouth to mouth among the dobermann lovers. They brood and sold many doberman to various cities in Indonesia like Bandung, Manado, Bali, Jakarta, Surabaya, Makassar and Banyuwangi. The owner also have a good relationship with overseas doberman lovers from Malaysia, Thailand and Australia. Often the potential buyers asked the owner about the kennel and dogs they have. [Read more ...]

» Dive Club

This very active SCUBA diving club based in Bali regularly organizes diving trips to various premiere dive sites in Indonesia. The website was launched on May 2002. In the beginning, not so often there are diving trips, and if any, not so many divers participated. [Read more ...]

» SCUBA Dive Log

As an active divers, Erwin Kodiat logged hundred of dives every year while he dove many beautiful premiere dive sites across Indonesia such as Bunaken, Lembeh, Bangka in North Sulawesi, Bira Cape and Selayar Island in South Sulawesi and Gili Trawangan and Gili Air in Lombok and various dive sites in Komodo area. He uses traditional paper log book to track his dive activities. He wanted to publish his log book to the Internet and tried to do some research on the best online dive log applications both paid services or free one. He came up with one free service affiliated with a very big online book store and try to use it for quite some time. However, the more he used it, the more he found many things required can not be addressed by that service. It is free, anyway, how can you expect it will fit all your requirements, he thought. [Read more ...]