Terong Internet Engineering was founded in 2000. Rapidly gaining a reputation for innovation and quality, the company’s client list has expanded steadily since then and so has the team:

Here is the list of our web development team:

Senior System Analyst
Yogi has been an IT evangelist and a web developer since 1996. He has an extensive experience with many web programming languages such as Java, JSP, ASP, PHP, C, and Perl combined with various database skills in Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, IBM DB2. Yogi’s highly respected industry experience includes his capability in managing various large projects with various advanced technologies implementations.

Lead Web Developer
Erwin has been a web developer since 1997, finally adopting PHP and MySQL as his “tool of preference” in 2000, after his prior experiences in many scripting languages such as Microsoft ASP, Perl, JSP and databases like Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle. Erwin was senior software engineer in one of Indonesia’s leading software development companies before leaving to start Terong Internet Engineering. His extensive experience managing dynamic web sites and coordinating teams of developers means Erwin brings a great deal of assured professionalism to his role.

Creative Director
Kiem has dedicated himself to web design and web user interface development since early 1997. He combines art with the extensive knowledge of marketing and graphical design skills to deliver a commercial design suitable for web solutions. In 2000, Kiem expanded his services from marketing printed material design to electronic design for web and desktop software for one of Indonesia’s leading software development companies. An obsession with detail, quality of design output and customer satisfaction has seen Kiem maintain an enviable range of clients to the present day, providing web interface expertise and design services.

Marketing Executive
Leaving an engineer job in Indonesia, Kurt moved to Australia in 1998 for new challenges in IT world. Holding a Master degree in Technology and Management, Kurt has been a consultant, analyst and developers for manufacturing, education, non-government organizations and for the past years he’s a senior system analyst in one of the largest retail corporation in Australia. Kurt has passion and expertise in Java J2EE, .NET and web-based applications arena. Kurt puts a high standard on quality and client’s satisfaction. He’s able to translate client’s requirements to value adding visual products. The combination of his versatile technical skills, his ability to understand client’s business requirements and his various industry experiences have earned Kurt great respects and appreciations from his clients.