Workflow & Timeline

Phase Tasks Duration (working days)
Preliminary Client to advice web developer with all information required
Web developer to give advice for the client to meet their web development requirements.
Design Client to settle the down payment invoice (50% of agreed fee)
Client to collect all requirement (company logo, all image and text files, color scheme, some samples, web layout characteristics)

Web developer to design the layout of the web site and prepare 2 alternatives to be proposed to the client. Once agreed by the client, the selected design will be prepare to be merged with the content prepared later

Content Web developer and client to agree on some specific set of menu

Client to prepare all the content in English or Indonesian.
Web developer to enhance the wording and use a service of an English native speaker to compose the writing.
Web developer to enhance the wording to adhere to search engine optimization
Web developer to send the enhanced writing to the client and the client to agree on the content

Integration Web developer to prepare the live environment (domain name purchasing, web hosting server setup)
Web developer to integrate the design with the contents and prepare it to be accessed by the client from the Internet
Review Client to review the web sites
Web developer to fix any bugs found in the web site or changes the text if required.

Web developer to prepare delivery letter to be signed by the client

Live Client to settle the outstanding invoice (remaining 50% payment)

Web developer to prepare the short reference to all required sources of web hosting and domain name maintenance (address, username and password)