Clients’ satisfaction is our primary concern. We always use feedbacks from every client as our measurement to improve our services. Some of the testimonials from the satisfied clients are listed below.

Darley Ware (USA)
I really do like your SCUBA Log product. Fits my needs exactly. Displays my dive log in easy to read and understand format. It was easily integrated into my site design and I was able to convert it from metric to imperial measurements with just a little tweaking. With over 1780 dives logged, I now know exactly how many night dives I have made, how many times I have dove deeper than 100 feet, what month I made the most dives, who I have dove with the most, etc. It is great!

Petri Pietiläinen (Helsinki, Finland)
I’m nature photographer and I have kept about 3 years my own website.
During this time I noticed that it’s very time-consuming to add new pictures and other information to the internet. So I have search program which is flexible, easy and fast add pictures with title and description. And possible to admin it anywhere I be. When I found website of Terong I knew that this could be my program (Advanced Web Photo Gallery). Five days later I had PHP + MySQL database and new photo gallery. Of course I needed a little help and Erwin Kodiat was my contact person. I got fast answers to my inquiries, so big thanks to Erwin. I highly recommend this company and program to photographers.

Greg Smart, Pleth, LLC (Arkansas, USA)
This has been a great solution for our customer. It’s easily adaptable to site needs without being intrusive to overall design. The support was great too. Thanks.

Simon Gilbert, Bali Scuba (Bali, Indonesia)
My diving company - Bali Scuba - has been using Mr. Erwin Kodiat to promote our website - www.baliscuba.com - for more than twelve months now, and intend to do so indefinitely. His skills have certainly helped to increase our revenue, to the extent that 85% of our business in now online generated. Formerly this figure was well below 50%.
We now receive more relevant emails on a daily basis than we used to receive on a weekly basis, and this change manifested itself within 12 weeks of our engaging his services. We are now ranked number 2 for the search term “diving Bali” in google.com. Prior to using his services we could not be found anywhere on the first page.
I always query my diving guests as to how they chanced upon my organization, and time and time again I hear that they searched for the terms predicted by Mr. Kodiat and so found our organization to be top of the list.
The increase in income generated repays many times over the monthly cost paid for his website optimization service.
I cannot but recommend his technical skills. On top of this he is very amiable and easy to work with and responds promptly to any requests we make of him.
I thoroughly recommend this hardworking young man to any prospective customers.